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St. John Paul II Catholic Community, OakBank Catholic Church

27107 Oakwood Road.

Weekly Masses 5:00 PM Saturdays at 27107 Oakwood Road.

Sunday school: 4:15 PM Saturday, Before Mass.

Church Mass Location   27107 Oakwood Road

Mailing address: Box 15, Oakbank, MB, R0E 1J0 



Pastor: Fr. Sylvanus Omali


Tel: 204-268-9020

Emergencies: 780-402-5725

Questions: general email

Information, Bulletins & Questions:

Let us know if there are questions, or if you would like to consider joining the executive or subcommittees email, call or email Fr Sylvanus

Board Meetings: Our Board meets regularly and everyone is invited to attend and participate. Meetings usually at 7:30 PM at the church, First Thursday of each month, July, August, Summer Break, December, Christmas Break, no meeting.  If you are interested in attending please confirm the date and time by checking the weekly bulletin, emailing or phone 204-268-9020. Thank you.


VISITATION OF SICK: To request a visit - please call the Parish Office at 204-268-9020.

Anointing of the Sick: Those who are sick, facing surgery or hospital care, and the elderly, are encouraged to receive this Sacrament.  Please call the Parish Office at 204-268-9020


BAPTISM: Please contact Parish Office at least two months in advance.


MARRIAGE:  Contact the Parish Office at least ONE YEAR in advance and be aware the attendance at a marriage preparation course is required in this diocese.


COUNSELLING:   Call the Parish Office at 204-268-9020.

R.C.I.A: Classes are open to persons interested in becoming Catholic or an adult Catholic who has not received First Communion or Confirmation or those interested in knowing more about the Faith. Please call the Parish Office at 204-268-9020

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