St. John Paul II Catholic Community

OakBank Catholic Church

St Josephs Polish Church in St Norbert 2012.
St Josephs Polish Church in St Norbert 2012. Closed and will be moved to Oakbank


St Joseph's Bell 20120114, This remains on site

Stt joseph rear 20120114
Rear of Building, This building is on a foundation and has no basement

St Josphs Crawlspacem 20120114
St Josephs Crawl Space inspection, planning for basement and move 20120114
Ready to move
Ready to Move
On the road
On the Road
Arrival 1
Arrival on Oakbank
On site, safe and sound

Arrived in Oakbank after ride from St Norbert
Arrived in Oakbank after the long ride with our excellent movers from St Norbert 20140213

Ready for handicap forms
Footing with it's rebar ready for handicap ramp wall forms to be erected.
Movers return to put building onto it's new basement 20140818
Moving Building into position 20140819

Oakbank onto foundation 20140820
Move onto foundation done, rear of Building view.  Handi-cap basement access as seen from rear

Moving onto foundation
Moved onto Foundation, front view.

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